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Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday, on Saturday, I saw the Death, the cold and ugly Death. We passed her by not more than 10 minutes after a young motorcyclist had crashed against a lorry coming from the opposite direction, as the just arrived Police was starting to order the traffic while taking pictures for the files,  of a lying object, as he was no person anymore. He must have miscalculated speed against the sharpness of the curve; how long does it take to die? in his case: 1 second. Several hours later we passed back. Instead of him, on the very spot of the accident, girlfriend and friends were crying. So much grief, a day of mourning, and yet the 5 of us, we were so happy for having had a last day of skiing this season, happy for 10 years of friendship- forged in battle against Death, too – but this is another story. The whole situation was so unfair but I could only feel a little bit of shame for not being able to really feel their sorrow. That was all.
It is such a terrible loss each and every time someone passes away, each and every time, regardless of age or circumstances, yet we are so accustomed to death, we simply do not care anymore. We got so far that we kill unborn children by the millions and we regard this as a right worth fighting for; but, again, this is another story.
Today is Sunday: another day, another story. Apart from the usual, each and every Sunday has a special story: it speaks of Life, it speaks of the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He has died to crash the cold and ugly Death we passed by yesterday and rose that we may live forever. He said: “I am the Resurrection, and the Life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die.”
They say that each and every Sunday,  on his way back from the church to his monk cell, St. Seraphim of Sarov used to walk through the Cemetery. Passing by, he used to cry out loud:”Christ is risen!”; so the dead, as it was proper, would answer: “Indeed He is risen!”.
This Sunday is a special Sunday for the Western part of the Church, the Easter Sunday, the Sunday of all Sundays. And even us, in the East, one week to go, let us celebrate together with our brethren, for it is Sunday,  and shout out loud now and ever unto the ages of ages: “Hristos a inviat! Krisztus feltamadt! Christ is risen! Christus ist auferstanden! Le Christ est resusscite!” that even the cold and ugly Death should hear, remember and fear…

Hristos a inviat!

Aseara pe la 12 fara un sfert am intrat in McDonald’s si i-am spus vanzatoarei “Hristos a inviat!” . L-am spus repede, aproape pe nerasuflate, caci imi era frica sa nu ma prinda 12 noaptea; l-am spus cu patima, caci stiam ca va fi fost ultimul pe anul acesta;  l-am spus cu oarecare siguranta, caci am si eu convingerea (cred Doamne, ajuta necredintei mele!) ca Moartea a fost biruita;   l-am spus cu timiditate, caci asteptam reactia interlocutorului meu….

Pentru ca raspunsurile oamenilor la salutul “Hristos a inviat!” de-a lungul celor 40 zile vin de fiecare data ca o surpriza…nu mi-a fost dat sa aud doua la fel, si cu atat mai mult cu cat te indepartezi de Inviere…de la un proaspat  “Adevarat a inviat!” la un mecanic raspuns conform; de la mutenie (asta mi se pare foarte interesant…oare de ce nu raspund nimic?) la un ras in tonalitati de la ingaduitor la batjocoritor, asa cum este viata insasi…

Reactia depinde, evident, si de modul cum saluti. Tandemul “Hristos a inviat – Adevarat a inviat!”  e mai mult decat un  dialog,  e o lupta, seamana cu un meci de scrima, cu un duel. “Hristos a inviat!” ataci tu, ferm sau sovaielnic, direct sau fluturand sabia in dorul lelii, din varful buzelor sau din toata inima, caci in declaratia ta se vede pentru o clipita strafundul sufletului tau, te descoperi, te expui… “Adevarat a inviat!” ti se raspunde (sau nu), iar lovitura se pareaza, alteori se contraataca, iar uneori iti este refuzata – pacat, .caci din aceasta inclestare nu e decat de castigat:  ies scantei, iese lumina, iese adevar, sabia se ascute….

Si cata nevoie e de sabie ascutita: sa lupti cu necredinta generalizata si cu propria sovaiala, cu fatarnicia lumii si cu micile tale falsitati, cu ispitele ce te doboara mai mereu, cu invidia si ura ce rodesc in tine si in cei din jur fructe amare…sa lupti cu Insasi Moartea…

Se spune ca Sf. Serafim din Sarov intorcandu-se in fiecare zi de la biserica catre chilia sa, era nevoit sa treaca printr-un cimitir. De fiecare data, si netinand cont de ce zi sau luna trona in calendar, el saluta: “Hristos a inviat!” Iar mortii, dupa cuviinta, raspundeau: “Adevarat a inviat!

Iar mie mi-a trecut la un moment dat prin cap ca daca participand la o inmormantare, la orice inmormantare, in loc sa plangem si sa bocim, respectiv sa facem frumos figuratie, am scoate sabiile din teaca si am canta din toata inima, din tot sufletul si din tot cugetul  “Hristos a inviat!”, am vedea mult mai multe invieri decat se vad indeobste astazi, caci, El a zis despre sine: ” Eu sunt invierea si viata; cel ce crede in Mine, chiar daca va muri va trai; Si oricine traieste si crede in Mine nu va muri in veac.

Crezi tu aceasta?”